Bell and Bajra

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Brand: Nepali Pasa
Product Code: 4300
Size (LxWxH): 4.00 x 4.00 x 7.00 in
Weight: 1.40 lb
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Bell and Bajra from Nepal, handmade by Himalayan craftsmen (the Dorje is called Vajra in Nepal) . The Bell and Dorje are the main ritual objects used in Vajrayana Buddhism (also known as Tantric Buddhism). They are normally used together, with one in each hand. It is believed that their use together can help lead to enlightenment. The sound of a "singing" bell can also be used as a focal point in meditation.  When used in Buddhist literature, the Sanskrit word vajra usually is defined "diamond" or "adamantine." It can also mean "thunderbolt," although this definition of vajra is more often associated with Hinduism. These objects usually are made of bronze, vary in size and have three, five or nine spokes that usually close at each end in lotus shape. The number of spokes and the way they come together, or not, at the ends have numerous symbolic meanings. In Tibetan ritual, the vajra often is used together with a bell. The vajra is held in the left hand and represents the male principle, upaya action or means. The bell is held in the right hand and represents the female principle,  prajna, wisdom.

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Tibetan Goods
Name Bell and Bajra
Product Code 4300
Material White Metal and Brass
Color White and Golden
Size 4x4x7
Weight 1.4 lb
Made Nepal

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